The Basics of Women Who Care Waukesha: 

  • We meet for 1 hour (with an optional half hour social beforehand).
  • Members bring a blank check to be written out directly to the selected charity. If a member is unable to attend a meeting she may give her check to another Member to deliver on her behalf or she may mail it in before/after the meeting.
  • Each member commits to donate $100 to the local cause per quarterly meeting selected ($400 annual commitment). Memberships are for individual or teams of two.
  • Charities selected will be those serving within Waukesha County. National charities will not be considered unless the national group has a local group affiliation operating within Waukesha County.
  • Charities must be nominated by members who submit the Charitable Organization Fact Sheet. Three charities will be drawn each meeting and the nominating member must be ready to make a five minute presentation at the meeting to the members about such charity.
  • Only Members who have signed a Commitment Form and are current on their contributions, may submit a charity for consideration.
  • Only Members who are current in their contributions are eligible to vote at meetings. 
  • Members will have an opportunity to ask question following the three presentations of those nominating the charity to help with their voting decision.
  • All voting is accomplished by written ballot and the majority rules. Each member agrees to support the winning charity regardless of personal preference. In the case of a two way tie, a second vote between those two charities will be held. In the case of a three-way tie or a second two way tie, the winning charity will be determined by random drawing.
  • Charities can be nominated multiple times until they are chosen for a donation. Once a member's charity is chosen, it cannot be nominated for one year. The member may then nominate a different charity.
  • Charities must agree to send a representative to the meeting following donation in order to give a report on how monies were used and other information of interest of how their charity operates. They must also agree to not use names of the members for future solicitations or give our member information for any other public use.